IT Strategy & Planning

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is placing increasing importance on the planning, selection, and control of IT investments. Criticality to agency mission and demonstration of how investments will provide a positive return to taxpayers are essential. CIOs are faced with a challenge. They must balance the pressure of budget constraints with the critical need for long-term vision and investments that will transform government to be more efficient and quality-driven.

Why MorganFranklin?

MorganFranklin provides IT strategy and planning solutions ranging from compliance to requirements analysis. We help ensure that investments are aligned with agency strategy, risks are minimized, and plans exist to capture and report on the performance of IT investments. Our change management experts work with agencies to devise communications and training strategies to drive adoption and remove resistance to new technology. We also provide CPIC support through project-level implementation of policies, supporting documentation, analysis, and practices outlined within the framework. In addition, we help establish standards to ensure that IT initiatives are governed well and that their success is communicated effectively to all constituencies.


  • OMB Exhibit 300 business case analysis and preparation
  • IT and project governance frameworks
  • Project oversight definition
  • Oversight and quality control reporting
  • Project management support
  • Continuous IT portfolio analysis
  • Earned value reporting
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Establishment and implementation of key controls
  • Metrics identification and monitoring under Performance Reference Model (PRM) framework
  • IT strategy and enterprise architecture (EA)
  • IT risk assessment and audit support

Impact & Value

    • Comply with legislative mandates
    • Standardize and document IT investment process
    • Establish repeatable and sustainable budget programming process
    • Align strategy and mission
    • Achieve integrated EA
    • Increase management oversight and enhance decision making
    • Reduce investment risk

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