Audit Support, Readiness & Remediation

Emphasis on performance, accountability, and transparency in the government has significantly increased responsibilities and compliance requirements for CFOs and their staff. Delivering reliable, accurate, and timely information to support program management and financial reporting requirements remains a top priority. Agencies must improve financial management practices and business processes, increase efficiencies, and establish sound financial reporting processes to obtain and sustain clean, unqualified audit opinions.

Why MorganFranklin?

When faced with limited resources, skill gaps, and time constraints, MorganFranklin helps government agencies overcome difficult day-to-day finance and accounting challenges. We provide audit support, readiness, and remediation, as well as liaison assistance with external stakeholders such as the Office of Inspector General (OIG), Government Accountability Office (GAO), and independent public accountants (IPAs).

We bring together former CFOs, comptrollers, auditors, and financial managers with extensive experience in federal audits, federal financial systems assessments, internal control assessments, financial statement audits, and government accounting standards. Our financial management and CFO Act audit professionals aid in the resolution of agency deficiencies and help ensure that performance objectives are achieved efficiently and effectively while adhering to stringent audit standards. We deliver sustainable financial management and audit readiness solutions that result in standardized business processes rooted in best practices. Our professionals are adaptive and forward-thinking, working side by side with clients to implement financial management and performance metrics that promote collaboration, accountability, and results.


  • CFO Act audit support, readiness, and remediation
  • IT audit and technology risk support
  • Financial Management Systems (FMS) assessments
  • Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) 16 reviews
  • Technical consultation on accounting matters in accordance with FASAB, FAM, FFMIA, FMFIA, GAGAS,OMB, and GAO regulations
  • Reporting and formal communications assistance
  • Establishment of audit committee and advisory councils
  • Customized training on CFO Act audit, OMB A-123, FISCAM, change management, and document management
  • Project management plans, including implementation and monitoring of performance metrics

Impact & Value

    • Attack and eliminate significant deficiencies in financial processes
    • Deliver effective quality control and assurance over audit preparation efforts
    • Establish consistent and effective process, systems, and internal controls reviews
    • Decrease audit preparation time and cost to free up valuable resources
    • Enable strategic resource deployment
    • Leverage capabilities of existing and future IT investments

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