No matter the scope or scale of the project, our team is committed to our clients' success. The proof is in our performance.

"I just wanted to express my appreciation for the professionalism your team has demonstrated in completing its assignments. As I work with many contracted staff throughout the VA, I find your staff to be one of the most professional in its responses and work ethic. It certainly makes my tasks easier knowing that I have the exemplary support of you and your staff to assist with my projects! Thank you for all of the support you provide and the dedication you have to maintaining your standards of service."

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

"In navigating the IPO process, I saw a new role evolve that became invaluable to our team. MorganFranklin filled this new seat at the table, bringing the technical expertise and 'get-it-done' attitude required to focus on priorities and respond efficiently to the many requirements from the lawyers, bankers, auditors, and tax accountants. With all of the moving parts that come with preparing for an IPO, it was critical to have this partner enabling the puzzle pieces to come together."

John Baule
Former CFO, ChannelAdvisor

"We were thrilled with the work that MorganFranklin delivered during our IPO process. They were a critical partner that helped us run a very successful IPO process on a tight time frame. The team was diligent, hardworking, and added great value as advisors throughout the entire process. Though we had high expectations going into the relationship, the MorganFranklin team still clearly exceeded our expectations. We are excited to continue to work with MorganFranklin as we grow our business."

Michael B. Avon
Former Executive Vice President and CFO, Millennial Media

"When navigating complex technical accounting and reporting matters, we frequently engage a trusted technical advisor and partner that has become an invaluable part of our team in addressing the ever-changing accounting landscape. MorganFranklin brings a wealth of knowledge as well as a hands-on, get-it-done attitude that has helped establish sound accounting and reporting processes and transform our organization. Given the expected magnitude of changes required by the new revenue standard, we knew we once again needed MorganFranklin to help ensure compliance while identifying additional opportunities and aligning efforts with other critical initiatives to implement a smart and tactical adoption plan."

Richard Cornetta
Controller, ChannelAdvisor

"The MorganFranklin team was key to a critical year of transformation for us. Through both consultancy and on-the-ground high-level interim support, they provided the expertise and knowledgeable staff necessary for us post-acquisition. The team members worked in a spirit of collaboration, enabling us to achieve our goals within the ambitious timeframe we had set for ourselves. Their willingness and flexible approach were greatly appreciated during a time of restructure and the integration of global teams. Over the course of the year, we saw great improvement for the business in areas such as cash forecasting diagnostics and processes, financial business systems, and treasury processes, including bank account reduction. Great job, all, and thank you very much."

Doug Diemoz
Former CEO, Mexx

"MorganFranklin was integral to our success in implementing NetSuite. They were excellent at integrating themselves into our culture and working with our employees. They quickly became a trusted partner and a valued advisor. MorganFranklin was quite helpful during the platform selection process, relaying past experiences with different software products. After the selection process, we relied on MorganFranklin to guide us through the implementation process—providing project management and product expertise. They ensured that they understood our business needs and did an excellent job of communicating goals and issues with the many parties involved. MorganFranklin went above and beyond to help us implement a lasting and scalable business application, and I would highly recommend them to anyone implementing NetSuite."

Brad Schomber
Former VP of Finance, ChannelAdvisor

"MorganFranklin has consistently delivered for us—through stress, tough deadlines, changing circumstances, whatever is required. They have established strong credibility by providing quality deliverables and insights along with excellent customer service. The MorganFranklin team clearly understands the value of lasting and strategic relationships."

Steve Boyce
Vice President, Finance and Corporate Treasurer, Neustar, Inc.

"We didn't have the kinds of systems and processes in place for financial forecasting, budgeting, and reporting at the public company level. MorganFranklin essentially became our finance team for the IPO preparation. (We needed to bring) on board a team that could be effective communicators to all of the external constituencies that face a public company. We used a combination of improving our own assets and using folks from MorganFranklin."

John Hillen
Former President and CEO, Sotera Defense Solutions, Inc. (formerly Global Defense Technology & Systems, Inc., or GTEC)

"MorganFranklin has demonstrated a willingness to scale their level of involvement based upon our ability to devote internal resources to support project-related activities. MorganFranklin has become a trusted advisor for us because they have a truly independent viewpoint, have demonstrated an ability to deliver strong consultants on short notice, and have the ability to blend best practices with a solid understanding of our business."

Larry Campbell
Vice President, Information Management and Technology, DAI

"Often companies' slogans are just that. But in the case of MorganFranklin, they actually live by their slogan ‘Surpassing Expectations.' We have asked them time and again to assist on or take on important projects that require industry insight and technical knowledge. They have never turned us down and they have never let us down. As an advisor to BT, they have helped us meet deadlines and manage costs. But, most important, they have added a level of quality to key deliverables that we otherwise would never have achieved."

Bill Warne
Former Finance Manager, BT

"We were planning for a significant equity transaction that could have been a major distraction. Timelines were tight and we needed a self-directed team that could jump in to deliver the technical know-how and experience required to address critical accounting and reporting matters. The MorganFranklin team demonstrated a clear understanding of our goals and the implications for our business. They provided us with a rare combination of skill, energy, confidence, and humility that enabled us to power through a very important transaction. Their outstanding project management skills gave us assurance that we were getting meaningful value for our fees."

David Kaminsky
Former Senior Vice President and CFO, USIS