Case Study

Case Study: High-profile agency seeks Vision-Based Strategic Plan and business operations support


The client's three divisions operated in silos with little collaboration and without a collective organizational mission, vision, or set of core values. The client needed to develop and facilitate a customized workshop to bring together senior leadership and management from the three divisions to collectively develop mission and vision statements and identify/clarify core values.


  • Designed and delivered a one-day, off-site management retreat to facilitate development of the client's first mission statement, vision statements, and core values.
  • Conducted team-building exercises, technical training, and interactive workshops.
  • Facilitated the development of integrated, tactical, actionable solutions as part of a Vision-Based Strategic Plan (VBSP).
  • Established a series of monthly management retreats and senior leadership strategic planning sessions to create executable action plans, interim milestones, and related key performance indicators (KPIs) to promote accountability and measure progress.
  • Leveraged experience, theory, and practical exercises to establish cohesion among disparate groups, crystallize ideas, and generate cross-functional buy-in.
  • Used collaborative brainstorming to turn organizational disharmony into synthesized cross-functional input and actionable concepts.
  • Shared techniques and best practices for integrating the mission statement, vision statements, and core values into client operations.


  • Brought three divisions together under a new shared identity with a clear understanding of organizational purpose and high-level strategy.
  • Increased collaboration and cohesion to support the continued breakdown of organizational silos and promote organizational effectiveness and mission delivery.