Case Study

Case Study: Federal agency OCFO builds strategic plan, achieves major business transformation


The Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) required an actionable plan to realize a major business transformation with the goals of sharing timely and relevant financial information, investing in human capital, articulating a clear organizational vision, securing the resources needed to excel, and generating accurate and timely financial information.


  • Conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the existing OCFO strategic plan and challenged the validity of its contents.
  • Identified transformational obstacles and provided recommendations and examples of solutions to redirect the transformation into an efficient, effective solution.
  • Provided recommendations for which systems to update, outlined how to find/attract/retain qualified personnel, and identified which managers were involved in activities that should be delegated down to other resources.
  • Developed dashboard reports, meetings, and other communication methods to assist management with tracking transformation progress.


OCFO gained an independent, objective view of its operations and actionable tasks, improving overall tactical aptitude and enabling positive transformation of the organization's culture.