The MorganFranklin Women’s Initiative

Our Mission: The MFC Women’s Initiative is committed to connecting and empowering women through mentorship, professional development, and career advancement.

We will …

  • Foster a network that supports women in navigating their personal and professional aspirations.
  • Encourage and endorse women in their professional development and career advancement.
  • Strengthen business-related activities through a more diverse and dynamic work force.
  • Maintain a culture dedicated to the advancement of women through community initiatives.

About the WI

In 2008, MorganFranklin Consulting founded the Women’s Initiative with the vision to create a strong base of connected women leaders within the organization and the community. The program provides an effective avenue for the mentoring, development, and advancement of professional women.

Through educational forums, networking events, and community involvement, the Women’s Initiative cultivates the success that we desire for all MorganFranklin team members.

"I find the Women’s Initiative to be a unique opportunity that brings seasoned women leaders together to discuss professional development as well as share personal stories and network. In addition to connecting our team with our clients, the Women’s Initiative connects industry professionals with each other in meaningful ways."
—Director, MorganFranklin Consulting

Make Connections

The diversity of women in our network is vast and includes leaders from the federal service, mortgage, banking, telecommunications, consumer products, finance, and technology industries. Members regularly participate in networking events, educational forums, and community involvement.

Organizations Supported by the WI

WI Executive Leadership Committee