Andrew Moses
Director of Marketing and Sales

Andrew Moses Photo

As Marketing & Sales Lead, Andrew Moses directs MorganFranklin Consulting's strategy and execution for marketing, communications, and business development globally.

Andrew is a go-to source in the market and is regularly quoted in the press on the venture capital and initial public offering (IPO) markets. As a contributor for The Huffington Post on topics such as business and leadership, Andrew has interviewed prominent individuals in business and sports. He is also co-founder of Autism Speaks U, a national initiative of Autism Speaks that engages students from universities and colleges across more than 20 states in advocacy, awareness, and fundraising.

Andrew is a proud graduate of Penn State University and became the youngest alumni to ever win the Alumni Volunteer of the Year Award, which is presented annually by the Penn State Alumni Association, the world's largest dues-paying alumni association. He is a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA).